Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Hello Friends,

I wish you a warm and happy Holiday.  In recognition of this holiday time, my blogging with resume in January.  Please join me for the final Chapter of Oscar’s Tale on Friday, January 2, 2015.

Oscar’s Tail Tale

Forty Seven—Life Nine: Spiritual Crisis

Cleo was right about our lives passing by us quickly.  Somewhere along the way my little girl stopped being so little.  She was taller than Grandma Brown, and many of her favorite toys seemed to hold no interest for her anymore.  She had different toys—things Grandma Brown called “electronics”.  Lolly still gave Bailey, Onyx and me all kinds of love and attention, but it was different these days.  Lolly was entering an age Grandma Brown called “Terrible Teens”.

It was an odd time for me spiritually.  After all, I was a “kids cat”, and here I was with a kid who really wasn’t a kid anymore.  I began to question if I still belonged in this home.  The thought of going to a different home, and saying good-bye to my girl, her grandma, and my fellow pets made me feel panicked and sad inside.  One day, I decided to talk to Grandma Brown about it, so I followed her out into her garden.

Grandma Brown knew something was up, “Okay Orange Boy—tell Grandma Brown your troubles.” I howled and meowled my troubles to Grandma Brown.  She chuckled kindly and said, “Well, Orange Boy, that’s what children do—they grow up.  Even cats do it—look at our little Onyx, why just the other day he finally was able to scoot up the stairs without pause.  So Lolly is growing up, that doesn’t change the fact that I am her grandma—and let me tell you—as far as I am concerned, she will always be my little Lolly!  Why should you be any different?  Lolly is still your girl isn’t she?”

Grandma Brown always said the best things—this time she amazed me because not only did she say the best thing, she did it without using the words “tuna”, or “spam”.  She was right, Lolly will always be my girl. In fact, she probably never needed her cat more.  Cats grow up pretty easily when compared to humans.  Humans have so much learning to do when it comes to growing up into adulthood.  Lolly had so many milestones ahead of her and there will be times when she will need the magic of my purr to help her find her way.

“You will be sorely needed in the times to come Orange Boy” Grandma Brown said, “Onyx has much to learn, and if we’re not careful, Bailey is going to turn him into a puppy-cat”  Grandma made a good point.  I was head pet, and an elder cat.  Not only did I have my girl to tend to, but I had pets to lead.  All kittens seem to do well as “kids cats”, but some cats do grow out of that, and I suspected that Onyx was fast becoming Grandma Brown’s “furry kid”.  He was at a critical time in his life where much imprinting could take place, and if we weren’t careful, he could imprint too much off of Bailey and end up doing crazy stuff like sniffing everything, and eating strange stuff like goose poop, and craft glue!

Grandma Brown was crawling around on her hands and knees in her garden.  It was funny seeing her that way.  I took the opportunity to give a whisker kiss to express my gratitude for her wisdom.  She was surprised and laughed in a way that reminded me of Lolly’s giggle.  She was doing something she called “weeding”, and it made her grunt, sweat and shuffle.  Don’t tell her I said so, but she reminded me a little of Bailey.

Speaking of Bailey, she started howling from the house.  It sounded like she needed to use the outside.  Grandma Brown looked at me, “Did you want to go inside?  Well at least join me in the walk to the house.”  Grandma Brown let Bailey out and then returned to her work in the garden.  Partly to discourage Bailey from interfering with Grandma Brown, and partly because I wanted to stretch out on some soft grass, I did my best lion recline on the lawn by the door.  Bailey sat with me for a while, but the temptation of the garden was too much for her.

Before too long Bailey was snuffing her way to Grandma Brown all the time muttering “mmmmmm snnnniffff, thistles mmmmmmm ouch right thistles pricklemmmmmmmsnnnniffff garden smells….”  I laid back and just soaked in the whole scene.  It was late spring, and the sun was warm, but the ground was cool.  I could hear the birds chirping and flitting amongst the branches of the trees.  A couple of sparrows decided they would have some fun teasing Bailey.

They dived and swooped at Bailey making her think that she could snap and catch them mid-flight.  These birds were faster than Bailey could ever hope to be.  Bailey yipped and grunted her frustration.  She became so engrossed with those sparrows that she kind of lost track of what was going on around her.  All she wanted to do was leap up and catch those pesky sparrows.  I know I probably should have at least tried to intervene, but there was something so very entertaining for me to watch Bailey.

Bailey jumped, she snapped, and she yipped.  She also began trampling all over Grandma Browns newly sowed garden.  Grandma Brown jumped up on her feet and started chasing Bailey.  Bailey did not notice—nothing seemed to distract her from those birds. There wasn’t much a guy could do but watch.  Bailey chased the sparrows, and trampled all over Grandma Brown’s baby plants as she did.  Grandma Brown chased Bailey and hooted and yelled as she did so.  Sadly, she too lost sight of her newly planted garden and started trampling all over her own garden.

I couldn’t watch much more, so I stretched, got up and headed to Lolly’s trampoline for a nice sunny nap.


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