Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Thirty Nine—Lolly, Bailey, and Grandma Brown Visit Adrian’s Farm

In the days that followed my big birthday bash, Adrian came over for supper quite a few times.  Each time he came over, he seemed to keep Grandma up further and further past her bedtime.  They seemed to have lots to talk and laugh about.  None of us really minded—why would we? Grandma Brown was happier, she was cooking all kinds of yummy smelling stuff, and Adrian was easy company for Lolly, Bailey, and me. Adrian always had a funny joke or story for Lolly, a belly rub for Bailey, and when no one was looking, shared crumbs from his dessert plate for me!

The more Adrian visited, the more we learned about his farm.  He had two horses, and one baby horse (which is called a colt).  His horses names were Mrs. Ed for the mare, Mr. Ed for the full horse, and Wilbur for the colt.  Grandma Brown laughed hysterically at the names, and told Lolly it had to do with a television show from “back in the day”.  Adrian had two dogs who he called “working” or “herding” dogs. One was a German Shepard named Fritz, and the other was a Blue Healer named Zsa-Zsa (pronounced shjah-shjah).  All the other animals on the farm didn’t seem to have specific names.  Lolly couldn’t believe it—so she asked to be sure:

“What are your cows’ names?”


“But what do you call them when it is time for their supper? You must use their names then.”

“Yup. I say, ‘Come-Cow! Come-Cow, Come-Cow!’”

“What are your goats’ names?”



This conversation went on for quite a while.  Lolly seemed both unconvinced, and determined to find out the names for all the animals on Adrian’s farm.  Aside from the dogs and barn cats, she had never seen any of the other animals up close before.  Lolly loved animals, and was very curious in nature.  Also, she really wanted to meet Adrian’s two dogs, Fritz and Zsa-Zsa.  Adrian was very impressed by all of Bailey’s tricks, and he suggested that Lolly would have fun trying to teach Fritz and Zsa-Zsa.

This started a conversation about visiting Adrian’s farm, and spending a day out there.  At first, Grandma Brown and Lolly were planning the day—just the two of them, and then Adrian suggested that Grandma Brown bring Bailey along as well. Bailey’s little tail twitched with excitement—she loved car rides, even despite the recent events with the trip to the vet.  Adrian, practically reading Bailey’s mind, began telling her about all the interesting smells she could find at the farm.  Bailey’s tail wagged so hard that her bum started to levitate off the floor.

“I can’t wait to see how Bailey gets along with my goose and gander…” Adrian began.

Bailey’s ears perked right up, and while it looked like she was listening keenly to Adrian’s story, she actually started thinking out loud, “mmmmmgooose poop, I love sniffing the goosepoopmmmmmmmm”.  It was at this point I stopped feeling resentment for being left out of this little day trip, and I started thinking about how a cat with a whole house to himself could spend the day.  The places to sleep seemed unlimited!  The places to explore seemed even more intriguing at the mere thought!

By the time Adrian left that evening they had the trip out to the Farm all planned out. On Saturday, Grandma Brown, Lolly and Bailey would wake up really early, and after breakfast (and after Grandma topped up all my food and water dishes) they would pack up Grandma Brown’s little red truck and head off to Adrian’s farm for the day. It all sounded very exciting—especially the part about me staying behind and having the house all to myself!  As for Lolly and Bailey, it was hard to tell who was the more excited.  Adrian promised Lolly that she could help him collect eggs from the hens, milk the cows, and ride Mrs. Ed.  Bailey, though not overtly or specifically promised by Adrian, seemed to be convinced of assurances of goose poop for sniffing.

Although I am not entirely sure, I think I might have heard someone mention something about the barn cats and kittens.  Whatever they said, I am sure as fun as it sounded it would pale in comparison to all the epic napping I was planning to do!


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