Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Chapter Thirty Five—The Bouncy Time Circus

Lolly wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the trampoline.  It was a lovely place to nap, and sometimes, when Lolly found me, she would hold me in her arms and bounce gently.  I loved the trampoline!  When Lolly held me and bounced, it turned me all soft inside.  It was the best time ever!  The trampoline was outside and when it was sunny, it would get lovely and warm.  On sunny days, I would go outside after lunch and have a snooze.  By the time my girl came home from school, I was rested and ready to bounce.

I know it seems a little out of character for a cat to enjoy bouncing, but if you think about it–it really isn’t.  Cats by nature are good bouncers so that they are better equipped to catch critters like birds, moths, crickets, and grasshoppers.  There were times, when I was a kitten, I used to corral any house flies into a bedroom so that I could jump on the bed and catch them in flight.  Now, these many lives later, I found bouncing with my girl on her trampoline helped me to recapture those bouncy days of my youth.

In those days when Lolly and I enjoyed our bouncy time, Lolly would either hold me in her arms like a baby, or she would sling me over her shoulder like a sack of flower.  Either way I would just take it all in.  There is nothing more soothing in all the whole wide world.  Sometimes I would get so relaxed I would start to fall asleep.  I guess sleeping makes a cat heavier, because in those times my Lolly would grunt and gasp and call me “dead weight”.   Often in those times our bouncing times would end quicker than I wanted because Lolly would tucker out.  Suffice to say, I soon learned it paid to make every effort not to get all sleepy during our bouncing times.

Bailey, while she loved being outside with our girl, wasn’t one for bouncing.  I am not sure if it is because of her extremely short legs or if it was against all dogs’ nature to bounce, but Bailey never ever wanted to join us on the trampoline during bouncy time. That is not to say she didn’t join in on the fun—she just didn’t join us in the bouncing.  Instead of bouncing, Bailey would sit on the ground and watch us from there.  Sometimes she would get caught up in the infectious joy that is bouncing and her skinny little tail would wag, and she would let out a few little barks.  Other times she would forget herself entirely and jump and howl from her safe spot on the ground.

The first time that happened we nearly gave Grandma Brown something she called a “heart attack”.  She also complained of nearly pooping her pants, although I am not entirely sure how all these things are related.  We were just enjoying a beautiful, warm, sunny, bouncy day and Bailey was joining in the fun by doing her howly doggie dance and it was a real party.  My girl was giggling, I was purring, and Bailey was howling—we were having a grand ol’time!  Grandma Brown was around the corner from us, weeding her strawberry patch. I guess you could say she heard us before she saw us and without seeing what was going on, the sounds were a little alarming.

She came running with her gardening spade in one hand and her hat in the other.  “Sheebush-by-jeebus! What is all the ruckus about here!?! Bailey!  Quiet—by jeeves, you keep that up and the neighbours will think we’re skinning you alive! Hush Now! Quiet! SHHHHHHHHH!”  Bailey must have thought that Grandma Brown was joining in the fun because the more Grandma Brown hushed and shushed, the more excited Bailey seemed to get.  The more excited Bailey got, the more she danced around and howled.  The more Bailey and Grandma went on like this more my girl bounced and giggled.  The more my girl giggled and bounced, the louder I purred.  All in all, we made for quite the circus.

Eventually, Grandma Brown noticed that Lolly was giggling so hard she had trouble bouncing with me.  I squirmed free of Lolly’s arms and climbed down off the trampoline.  I figured it was a good time to take a litterbox break.  Without me in her arms, Lolly decided she would take some time to bounce up high.  She was getting awfully skilled at bouncing and even started to do somersaults in the air.  These acrobatics excited both Bailey and Grandma Brown.  Both were concerned that perhaps Lolly might hurt herself and both expressed this concern somewhat loudly.  I could hear them from my litterbox.  Grandma Brown shouting, “Oh mercy girlie—you could break your neck”, and Bailey howling, “Waaaaaaooooooooooooooow—ruff-ruff—WAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH”.  It was such a ruckus I decided that a wise cat could do well to stay in the house and perhaps grab a snack of crunchies from his bowl.


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