Sequel Mondays!

bridezilla in training

Bride Elect (Evolution of a Bridezilla)


Chapter Thirty-Three—Budding Novelist, Bride, and Crazy Person (more or less in that order…)


In addition to my day job, I was also pursuing a lifelong dream: becoming a published author. I finished my first book one month prior to becoming engaged. Writing a book is one thing, and getting it ready for publishing is another process unto itself. The book needed a few “first reads”, and then, preferably copy editing. I needed to find willing parties to do first reads—for free. Much to my joy and delight, that was the easy part. I have many precious friends in my sphere whose insatiable curiosity prompted them to read and comment on my writing. Their praise ranged from constructively kind, to flat out flattering.


Once the book was proof read, and edited,  I needed to consider whether to seek a literary agent—the traditional route, or to do what is becoming increasingly more popular—self publishing. The self-publishing route could be a bit financially prohibitive, and I was a little reluctant to take on the monetary demands of that route. I procrastinated, hummed and hawed.


Palucid would not let up. He would not allow any excuses to get in the way. He was relentless in his nagging, moreover, he tried to recruit others to encourage me as well. One of our friends had also written her first book, and after much research, decided it was in her best interests to go the traditional route of publishing. She was an awesome source of information and support. Through her, I gained some insight as to the pros and cons of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.


In Manitoba there is a printing house who offered the world of publishing a little slice of ingenuity: Assisted Self-Publishing. To me, it seemed like the perfect compromise. They offered support, professional publishing services, counselling regarding marketing and large market exposure. They also know how to appeal to a aspiring author from Winnipeg: they had a sale. Thanks to a spring promotion, I was able to afford one of their top publishing packages for a middle of the road package price. With Palucid nudging and prodding, I signed my publishing agreement the day before the Easter Long weekend.


With the wheels in motion to both my first book, and our wedding I started to feel a whole new kind of crazed crazy. Everywhere I turned I could not escape the “holy f*ck, this is really happening” sensation. It was hard for me to concentrate on anything. My passive research, and internet shopping ground to a screeching halt. I was totally distracted by things like the publishing house’s professional critical reviews, book cover designs, back cover bios and book synopses.


It was very exciting—especially when people who were complete strangers to me told me they really liked my book. Words like “humorous” and “well-paced” were used. I also heard phrases like “well written, requires minimal editing—mostly copy editing.” Palucid grinned and sat patiently as he waited for me to say out loud, in triplicate, “you were right”.


I didn’t really tell many people in my family at first. They were still caught up in all the trappings of preparing for our wedding. When it did come up—thanks to Palucid—I tried to ensure it fell subtlety into the flow of conversation. I down played it—or, played my cards close to the vest—so to speak. I was hoping to really leave the family senate’s analysis until after the fact—once the book was out in print and on the shelves. In the meantime, anyone who knew me well could just attribute my crazies to the whole emerging bridezilla and leave it at that.



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