Sequel Mondays!

bridezilla in training

Bride Elect (Evolution of a Bridezilla)


Chapter Thirty-One—Honeymoon Planning


Both Palucid and I enjoy travelling, and most people seemed surprised we weren’t planning to honeymoon at some exotic getaway. I suppose, if our budget allowed for both a Canadian destination wedding and some kind of exotic honeymoon, then we would do exactly that—who wouldn’t?


Personally, I was about as concerned about having a big fancy honeymoon, as I was about having a big fluffy fru fru dress made of taffeta. It just wasn’t a big deal in the grander scheme of things. I suggested to Palucid that we spend our honeymoon making our meandering way back to Winnipeg. We could detour through the Kootneys, or even through “wine country”.


I left the honeymoon planning to Palucid. Since he and I got together, he had made it his mission to take me to all of his favourite spots throughout the province of British Columbia. I figured if anyone could be inspired to plan a lovely honeymoon touring British Columbia, it would be him.


Surprisingly, Palucid did not get groomzilla over the honeymoon planning. Instead, he got pensive, and a little pragmatic. He started researching B&B’s in some of his favourite spots in the Kootneys. He even got in touch with one of his long lost friends who lived in the region. He asked around to find ideal venues. He phoned, and he booked, but he only told me minimal details. The mystique of the intrigue would have to hold me until then.


Of course there was talk of hot springs. The Kootneys were known not just for their stunning landscape, but also for their array of natural hot springs. I could think of worse things than experiencing the many splendid natural hot springs of British Columbia during my honeymoon. We would only spend two or three days in the Kootneys before heading back east.


At first, Palucid really wanted to enjoy an extended honeymoon away from home. Given that I didn’t have to be back at work until September, I could well have went along with a multi-week vacation. Sadly, we are not a couple of infinite funds, and we had a feline who would eagerly and resentfully awaiting our return. We decided that once back in Winnipeg, there would be nothing stopping us from taking day trips, and weekend excursions throughout the rest of the summer.


No one would question or blame us, we would be newlyweds after all. Additionally, all of the family and friends who celebrated our wedding with us would be so saturated by us and the whole wedding thing that they would be more than happy to leave us to ourselves for a few weekends.


There were a few special occasions happening around or shortly after our return to Winnipeg. Family friends, the ones involved with planning the Host-less Bridal Luncheon, were celebrating a family anniversary; a colleague’s daughter was getting married, and though I was slightly loathe to admit it, I was celebrating a birthday that conventionally considered something of a milestone. Granted none of these reasons—especially the last one—offered up huge reasons to rush back to Winnipeg, but they were reasons to look forward celebrations after our own.


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