Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Happy Friday!  Today’s chapter is inspired by my own furry child who ‘barks’ when distressed or agitated.  We are so proud of our bilingual furry kid!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Chapter 27—A Visit to the Vet


When Lolly came home from school she seemed very concerned about something.  She didn’t even notice that Bailey was staring down the furnace vent.  Moreover, she didn’t even try to prepare an afternoon snack for all of us to share (chasing that red dot really makes an orange guy hungry!).  I tried to assure Lolly that while Mrs. Hasserin had visited, that scary, cranky old lady had long since gone home.  As it turns out, Lolly was not concerned about that cranky-cat-hater.  Something had happened at school.


Apparently Lolly experienced something called “Career Day”.  This was a day where the school invited all kinds of Moms and Dads to talk about what they do when their kids are at school.  Lolly’s mom was too far away to attend, and Grandma Brown was busy visiting with that angry-dog sneezer.  Nevertheless, Lolly participated, and learned some information that concerned her greatly.  Sadly, this information would soon be a stress for Baily and myself as well.


One of Lolly’s schoolmates has a mommy who is a veterinarian.   This mommy talked to all the boys and girls about what it was like being an animal doctor.  She also spoke to them about how to properly care for your house pets.  Apparently Grandma Brown, despite her loving care, overlooked one important thing in both Bailey’s and my care: the Wellness Exam.  While I couldn’t speak for Bailey, I know I had had a Wellness exam before when I was still living at Brown Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.  I remembered that wooly little man and his stethoscope.  I remember thinking he was really nice, and then he took my temperature—oh!  Then I remembered that other thing with a shudder: the rabies shot.


I started to cry, and I begged Grandma Brown to not listen to Lolly.  I didn’t want any more Wellness Exams!  Grandma didn’t seem to understand my pleas, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I found out that not only was I getting a Wellness Exam, but I would also have to go into a kitty carrier and ride in the little red truck—with Bailey—to the vet’s office.  My status as a Head Pet meant nothing.  That stupid Bailey was too excited over the prospect of a “car ride” to realize what she was really in for.  I don’t think there will be enough spam in the world to mollify Bailey after the rabies shot.


It had been a while since my last car ride.  Lolly held my kitty box on her lap, and squished herself between Grandma Brown and Bailey.  Bailey hung her nose and one floppy ear out the window.  Throughout the entire ride Bailey talked about all the smells that ran by her nose, “geese, hamburger barbeque, dog, kites, hot dog, ice cream cone, dog, mmmmmm, French fries,  slushie, mmmmm, dog, kids, bacon mmmmmmmm, bacon mmmmm, garbage bin, dog, more kids—no wait that’s my ear….”


To drown out Bailey’s chatter, I complained (and begged) to my little girl.  I assured her that I was healthy and didn’t need any rabies shots.  My little girl didn’t listen to me.  She was too distracted by giggling at Bailey’s behavior.  I was not impressed, and I growled a little.  Fortunately, my girl was giggling so hard at Bailey that she didn’t even notice.  By the time we got to the vet’s I was banging the door to my kitty box with my head and paws. I was growling and grunting and making a real scene.


I must have been making quite the racket because before long, the little truck had stopped moving, and everyone—even Bailey—was staring at me. My little girl stared at me in amazement, “Oscar, are you barking?” When Bailey heard the word “bark” she tilted her head towards me for a closer listen. Grandma Brown chuckled, “Oscar, you’ve been spending too much time finding shenanigans with Bailey—before we know it, you’ll be howling at the moon!”


Howling at the moon!  How ridiculous!  When did Bailey ever howl at the moon?  Big red fire trucks sure—but the moon?!  As much as I love Grandma Brown, that comment offended me a little.  I growled and then grunted just to let her know how much I did not appreciate that comment. I had never been so indignant, until they started laughing some more.  Apparently, when a cat growl-grunts they make a sound not unlike a dog’s bark.  My growl-grunt was so bark-like that Bailey continued to tilt her head towards me, listening carefully for my first word in ‘dog’. 



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