Something Completely Different Fridays!


Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Chapter 26—The Red Dot

Immediately after Grandma Brown said good-bye to Mrs. Hasserin, both Bailey and I were allowed upstairs and into the house. Grandma Brown seemed a little agitated or annoyed. She kept muttering things like, “…some nerve!…”, and “paranoid old bat!”. Bailey and I were a little surprised, but felt assured that it didn’t have anything to do with us. After all, Bailey wasn’t the one who initiated the harsh dog words—she couldn’t really be blamed for ‘mouthing off’ if she didn’t know any better.

Still, Bailey is not the kind of dog who feels invigorated by angry barking—quite the opposite in fact. For Bailey, angry barking is not much different than crying hard. The whole experience made her quite tired. In fact, I am pretty sure I heard Bailey let out the odd sob. Grandma Brown noticed this and tried her best to assure Bailey that she was a good dog. Bailey was so exhausted by the whole Mrs. Hasserin experience that she didn’t have her usual interest in food. This alarmed both Grandma Brown and me.

Grandma Brown looked at me and said, “Neither one of you interested in spam-tuna? Never thought it was possible! I guess it is time for the “big guns”. Now, after the stressful afternoon Bailey and I had, I can assure you the term “big guns” was not soothing. I am not going to lie, I puffed up a little, and watched with wide eyes as Grandma Brown wandered over to her “Odds’n’Sods” drawer. I could hear all kinds of clunking and clattering as Grandma Brown rooted through this drawer. Grandma Brown’s “Odds’n’Sods” drawer is kind of a mystical place. It seems to have all kinds of things you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the house, and in times of need, it seems as if Grandma Brown can always find just the right gadget in the Odds’n’Sods drawer.

After what seemed like at least ten minutes, Grandma Brown finally seemed to find what she was looking for. “AHA! There it is!” she said as she retrieved this tiny little silver wand out of the drawer. I was both relieved and confused. That little thing hardly looked menacing enough to be called a “big gun”. Grandma Brown chuckled to herself, and said, “Come now you two, let’s have a look at what I have for you!”

Bailey let out a huge sigh and got up on her feet. She was not convinced that any stupid, non-yummy smelling, little stick would be of any use to her, but Bailey is a dog, and her loyalty trumped any doubts she might have had. As a cat, I reserved the right to be a little lofty and skeptical. I held back and watched Grandma Brown carefully. What on earth could be so special about such a little silver stick?

A second later, I totally forgot about that stick. Both Bailey and I—despite everything else—were mesmerized, and in hot pursuit of a red dot. That red dot moved like a mouse, and a bird all mixed together. Before we knew it, Bailey and I were tripping over each other trying to capture this elusive red dot. One time, I had it trapped under my paw, and before I could bite into it, the dot disappeared and reappeared just a foot in front of Bailey’s nose.

Bailey couldn’t help herself. Her skinny little tail wagged like crazy, and she huffed and snuffed trying to find a scent to track. I was also caught up in the magic that is red dot, and I started making my stealthy hunting chitter sounds. I got low and started to stalk my way towards that red dot. We chased that dot all over the house! It was a clever dot that somehow knew how to climb the walls and walk on the ceiling. It made me yowl despite myself.

Bailey totally forgot about the taxing events of the afternoon. She tirelessly chased that red dot around the house. It made Grandma Brown laugh so very hard that her belly shook up and down, and tears streamed down her face. Eventually, Bailey and I chased that red dot down a furnace vent. I watched for a couple of seconds, but decided that Bailey had things under control and left to pursue other things. Bailey, a stunning tribute to dogged determination stood watch at the furnace vent until the big orangey bus brought our Lolly home.


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