Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Happy Friday the 13th!  Perhaps it is because I am currently a loyal subject to a black cat, but I have always found the 13th to be a lucky day for me.  So, put down your broken mirrors, and put away those ladders, and hug a black cat today.  No?  Well then perhaps I have a nice blog you’d quite like to read…

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Chapter 24—Souvenirs

Lolly returned just a day or so before the big orangey-yellow car came to pick her up for school.  Grandma Brown was a grandma on a mission.   Before Lolly went back to school she needed a whole new wardrobe, and set of something called “school supplies”.  Lolly barely had time to unpack before Grandma Brown whisked her off shopping.

Lucky for me and my intrepid curiosity, I was able to explore Lolly’s suitcase before Grandma Brown whisked my girl away.  Bailey was unable to join me in this escapade mostly because she had been caught snacking in my litter-box again, and Lolly did not want Bailey’s cat-poop breath anywhere near her suitcase.  While I had gotten quite used to Bailey’s company, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy having some time with my little girl all to myself.

To my surprise and delight, my girl had brought home something called “souvenirs” for everyone—even Bailey and me!  Tucked in at the very bottom of Lolly’s suitcase, wrapped and sealed in plastic was the biggest doggy chew bone I had ever seen!  It was nearly as long as I was head-to-tail, and it was the kind of stinky that dogs love.  I knew that once Bailey saw that bone, her tail would wag non-stop for a week.  In another compartment of Lolly’s suitcase, also wrapped and sealed in plastic, was the biggest bag of catnip I had ever seen!

Sadly, I was so excited to see such a lovely surprise that I totally forgot my manners and dove right into Lolly’s suitcase.  Lolly needed both hands, and a little help from Grandma Brown to pry me away and out of the suitcase.  Fortunately for me, both Lolly and Grandma Brown were laughing too hard to realize my rudeness.  Grandma Brown chuckled and carefully unwrapped my catnip for me.  Then, in what can only be called “pure genius”, Grandma Brown placed both me and my huge bag of catnip in a ginormous box which used to serve as Lolly’s playhouse. This kept Bailey away from suffling and slobbering on my catnip, and it allowed me space to bask and roll in all the glorious catnip my girl brought home for me.

Some time while I was enjoying all my awesome catnip, Bailey was given her massive chewy-bone, and Grandma Brown and Lolly snuck away to do some ‘back-to-school’ shopping. I really couldn’t tell you just how long they were gone—neither Bailey nor I noticed the passage of time.  You can imagine how surprised I was to wake up and realize that afternoon had passed onto to early evening.  Lolly and Grandma Brown were already home and eating supper by the time I woke up, and jumped out of my catnip-house.

Both Grandma Brown and Lolly were giggling and looking at a chagrined Bailey.  They had found Bailey, much like they left her, chewing on the chewy-bone Lolly brought home for her.  They had managed to make supper, and start eating without any begging from Bailey—she was so focused on her task.  For Bailey to hold a bone that large with her short and stubby paws was a heady task in, and of itself.  For Bailey to hold the bone, and chew on the bone without her ears getting in the way was another story.

Bailey was so lost in her task she failed to notice her ear slipping its way in between her mouth and the bone.  Before she knew it, Bailey took a huge chomp on her own floppy ear.  Bailey startled herself, and leaped two feet straight-up in the air.  She began barking and growling at her bone—scolding it for ‘biting’ her ear. When Bailey scolds anything, it is very funny to watch.  She jumps up and down and yelps.  Her little tail wags despite itself, and all the folds on Bailey’s head seem to fall forward upon themselves.   It is one of the funniest things to watch—especially for my girl.

Lolly laughed so hard that she ended up with the hiccups.  The hiccups did not really cause her to stop laughing, however, in a weird way—it made her laugh more.  This in turn made Grandma Brown laugh even harder, and all the while Bailey kept up with her barking and scolding. Perhaps it was the catnip, but I found the whole scenario quite fascinating.


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