Something Completely Different Fridays!


Greetings!  Today’s Chapter is about Spring, and changes.  Sometimes change comes our way by surprise, or even blessings in disguise. Whether we are surprised by change, or actively make it happen, it can test our merit in ways we have yet to imagine!


Oscar’s (Tail) Tale


Chapter 16—Pops Takes a Tumble


Lolly’s adventure with tonsillitis was a distant memory by the time spring time came.  I had watched my bird video so many times that I no longer forgot myself and poked at the TV.  Sure, I still enjoyed having it on in the background while I went about my day, but it really didn’t fascinate me like it used to.  Besides, it was spring time so I could just as easily look out one of the screened windows in Grandma Brown’s veranda and enjoy the real thing—complete with smell!


I loved the way the world smells in spring time.  The snow is melting and things are starting to grow.  The breeze can be a little cool, but it carries such an invigorating smorgasbord of smells.  I could just sit at an open window for hours watching birds, bugs and bees, and smelling all the many things popping back to life.  It was during one of my marathon window gazings when I learned of some changes in the neighbourhood.


Rarely do Pops and Bailey have any kind of company.  But this one day, I noticed three cars in their yard.  One of those cars looked a little like the orangey-yellow car that picks up my Lolly, except it was white with a red stripe, and red flasher lights.  Bailey was outside, but instead of enjoying her time outside she sat at the door nervously barking to be let back in.  I don’t think I ever saw her whine before that day.  My friend Bailey seemed genuinely concerned about her person, and the goings on inside the house.


I found out later that Pops had tripped and fell down the stairs.  When humans as old as Pops do this, they usually end up breaking an arm or hip.  In Pop’s case, he broke both his hip and arm.  As you might imagine, this really worried Pop’s two daughters.  They rushed over to help him, and they brought with them something called an ambulance.  From what I could see and hear, one daughter stayed with Bailey, while the other daughter went with Pops to the hospital.  Breaking an arm and hip is far more serious than just having your tonsils out, so Pops had to stay at the hospital much longer than Lolly did.


I felt sorry for my friend Bailey.  She loved her human very much and missed him terribly.  Her skinny little tail barely wagged during the time Pops was away.  Bailey was so sad, in fact, that she stopped trying to talk to the Butterfly man altogether.  The only thing that seemed to cheer Bailey up were visits from Lolly and me.    We’d go and visit at least once a week.  Pop’s daughter, Sadie, was very nice.  She seemed to understand Bailey in the same way that Pops did, moreover, she also could speak to cats.  Sadie and I took an instant liking to one another.  I am certain she is the one who took Bailey’s cat friends with her when she moved out on her own.  Whenever we came over, Sadie would invite Lolly and I inside for a drink and treats.  She gave me water and a spam snack, and she gave Lolly milk and cookies.  I never had spam before I met Sadie, but I have to say, it is almost as tasty as tuna!  Sadie is nothing short of genius!


One day, while we were visiting, Sadie explained to Lolly what was going on.  The doctors decided that while Pops survived his tumble quite well, he was still in very serious condition.  His broken bones were healing much slower than expected, and this was causing complications.  Pops was unable to walk because of his injuries.  Perhaps if he hadn’t broken his arm as well, he might have been able to use a cane or walker, but since his arm was so badly injured, there was no way for Pops to hobble around right away.  Sadly, the longer Pops stayed stuck in bed, the weaker the rest of his body got.  In addition to that, Pops was very sad.  He missed his home, his own bed, and his pal Bailey.  Being sad, and stuck in bed is a very dangerous combination for someone’s Pops’s age.  Sadie was very worried about her dad.  She told us that Pops was, “ in a fight for his life”.  Some doctors believed that Pops would never leave the hospital!  This made Sadie very frustrated, she told us that she yelled at the doctor who told her and her sister that.  Clearly no one understood who Pops was and what he was like.


Regardless of Pops determination, however, Sadie explained to us that once Pops was ready to leave the hospital, he wouldn’t be able to return home.  He would be too weak to live alone, and too weak to grow his great big garden.  Sadie and her sister decided that Pops had to sell his house, and move in with one of them—at least until he was strong enough to be on his own.  As Sadie was explaining all this, Bailey began to whimper.  Sadie looked down at her and I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke to Bailey,  “I know girl, I am sorry, but we will find you a good home—don’t worry!”


Lolly almost spilled her milk.  “Bailey isn’t going to live with you and Pops?!  No!” Lolly’s bottom lip began to quiver.  I knew this was not a good sign.  Whenever Lolly’s bottom lip quivered, I knew that an explosion of tears was soon to follow.  I leaped into action.  I jumped onto Lolly’s lap and began purring as loud as I could.  Poor Lolly, she felt so sorry for Bailey that there was no consoling her.  Sadie had to call Grandma Brown to come over and collect us both.


When Sadie explained to Grandma Brown the reasons for why Lolly was so upset, Grandma Brown offered one of her amazing and brilliant solutions.  “Bailey can come live with us, and once Pops is better he can come visit—he can even stay for a few days once he is able.”  Sadie smiled so much I am guessing her face hurt a little.  She was laughing and crying all the while she was hugging Grandma Brown very tightly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Brown, thank you , thank you….”  Lolly clapped her hands and jumped up and down.  She was so very excited about Bailey coming to live with us.  I, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.  I kind of liked being the only animal in the house—it made my job as head pet so much easier.  While Bailey and I were friends, I wasn’t just a little concerned about what life might like once she moved in with us.  She was, after all, a very, very smelly dog who would eat anything—even mud.


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