Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Happy Friday! 

Today’s chapter finds Oscar striving to find ways to pass the time while his person is in the hospital.  I dedicate this chapter to all those who have the privilege of being greeted each day by a furry friend.  Enjoy!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale


Chapter 15—Ice Cream and Jello

            Waiting for Lolly to come home from the hospital was the longest two days of a cat’s nine lives.  Grandma Brown spent more time at the hospital with Lolly than she did at home.  I knew something was up because she left a whole can of tuna for me to snack on.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Grandma Brown knows a thing or two on how a cat should spend his days.  Nibbling on that tuna feast really helped me pass the time!

            Grandma also left the TV on for me.  Given my memories of the cranky Bald Man, and Grandpa’s loud TV’s, I really wasn’t much of TV watching cat.  However, in recent weeks I gained an appreciation for it because it did seem to help my Lolly.  As it happens, Grandma Brown bought me a movie specially made to entertain cats.  She told me it was my special little surprise for being such a good boy.  Grandma Brown was especially grateful for my recent work regarding the mice in the root cellar.

            This video was truly magnificent!  I spent the whole day watching and listening to all kinds of marvelous birds.  Sometimes I would forget that it was a movie and I would charge and pounce at the TV.  As much as I missed my Lolly, I have to admit I have pretty fond memories of the day I ate a whole can of tuna and watched the birds on TV.

            It was long past Lolly’s bed time when Grandma Brown came home.  Grandma Brown looked pretty tired, but relieved somehow.  She didn’t go straight to bed, instead she made a cup of tea, and had a grilled cheese sandwich (which she shared with me!).  As we snacked, Grandma Brown told me all about Lolly’s surgery, and how Lolly was feeling.  Grandma Brown also told me about all the ways in which we had to work at helping Lolly recover.

            The doctor told Grandma Brown that while Lolly’s coughing would be almost gone, she would still be a little tired for a few days.  She would also have a terribly scratchy throat.  It could hurt so bad that Lolly might not want to eat or drink.  This meant that Grandma Brown would need to consider feeding Lolly things like ice cream, smoothies, and jello.  Now, you might think that Grandma was all about the tuna, but when it came to Lolly, Grandma was all about the vegetables—especially the green ones like broccoli and brussels sprouts.  Nevertheless, Grandma Brown knew just how important it was for Lolly to keep up her strength, so she prepared  the foods Lolly could comfortably eat.  I think Grandma Brown was so relieved that Lolly was going to be okay, that should would have fed her chocolate bars and soda pop if the doctors told her to.

            I was so excited to see my girl again I could hardly sit still.  When Grandma Brown brought my girl home I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My Lolly seemed so small, quiet and pale.  When she spoke, she kinda sounded like the croaking frogs in the spring time.  She didn’t want to play, she didn’t even want to watch a favorite video on TV.  My Lolly just wanted to curl up in a big fluffy blanket and snooze on the couch. Personally, I wanted to watch my video again—those birds were truly wonderful. That Grandma Brown knows me like the back of her hand—it was like she read my mind!  Before you knew it, my wonderful video was running and my tail was twitching! I sat as close as I could to the TV screen, and sometimes I got so caught up in the video I would start to make my bird-hunting sounds.

            I was so absorbed in my video I didn’t notice the creaking and squeaking sounds at first.  In fact, I was oblivious until I heard Grandma Brown’s hearty chuckle.  Lolly was watching me watching my video, and she was laughing harder than anyone had seen her laugh in weeks.  When my Lolly laughed, she made a wheezing, croaking, squeaking sound.  It was both a fun and funny sound.  Lolly’s laugh actually felt like a tickle.  I don’t think anyone could hear that laugh without laughing themselves.  The more Lolly laughed, the more she laughed at the sound of her giggling.  Soon, no one was really watching me or my video any more—we were all caught up in this giggle-feast Lolly created.

            Grandma Brown was laughing so hard she had to hold her belly with one hand and wipe away tears with the other.  In between giggles and gasps, I could hear Grandma Brown say, “Now here’s a good boy Oscar, come have some tuna.”



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