Something Completely Different Fridays!



Happy TGIF.  Today’s chapter from Oscar’s (Tail) Tale is dedicated to all the Olympian athletes who are representing their countries.  Special “WOOOOT” goes out Canadian athletes as they continue to shine in all three shades-metallic! 😉

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Chapter 8—Life With Lolly


Something Completely Different Fridays



Grandma Brown and Lolly lived in a little log cabin right by the river.  The house and yard was not quite so big as Brown Grandma and Grandpa’s, but it was bigger than my first house and yard. Grandma Brown didn’t let me play out in the yard at first—she said she wanted me to get used to my new digs first.  I am not sure what she meant, but I kind of think it had something to do with a new fangled kind of litter box.

I didn’t mind spending some time indoors.  It helped me to get to know Lolly. She was very different from any person I ever owned before.  She talked a lot, but at first she couldn’t really understand me as well as Grandpa, or even Grandma Brown.  This little girl loved playing with her toys and she made sure all her toys each had a name and voice all their own.  I really enjoyed watching her play.  I would just lie down in the middle of all her toys and just hang out.  Sometimes I would fall asleep, and when I woke up not only would I be covered in toys, but sometimes I would be dressed in doll clothes as well.  It wasn’t long before I loved Lolly with all my heart.  We always had the best time together.  She was a lot like Grandma Brown in that she loved to laugh and talk.  When we played outside, she would drive me around the yard in her little red wagon. I never really played outside alone anymore, because Lolly and I were inseparable! My little girl told me all kinds of interesting stories.  She even told me all about the people in our neighbourhood as  we toured around in the red wagon.

The first person she told me about was the Butterfly Man.  He and his wife lived across the street.  Lolly really liked the Butterfly Man because he could catch caterpillars and help them grow up to be butterflies.  He knew every kind of caterpillar there was, and he could say their long and complicated names.  He could also explain this stuff to Lolly so that she understood things.  He helped Lolly get a butterfly net, and a bug catcher so that she could catch and help grow her own butterflies.

Before long, my little girl and I had collected an impressive assortment of caterpillars.   The Butterfly Man took great delight in naming each one of our finds.  When he spoke, he sounded so different from anyone else I ever met.  Grandma Brown told us later that he was from some place called ‘the you—kay’.  It sounded like a strange place that was even further away than the Rockies.  But that didn’t matter too much to Lolly and me.  We just loved to listen to the Butterfly Man.  The Butterfly Man was a man of excellent tastes.  He always told my little girl that I was a “fine cat”, and he called me a “lovely orange chap”.

Butterfly Man’s wife was also very cheerful and she always had fresh lemonade and something called a biscuit (it looked just like a cookie) for Lolly.  Mrs. Butterfly Man would listen to her husband as he talked to us about all the caterpillars we caught.  Often she would smile and laugh as the Butterfly Man got excited about certain caterpillars and butterflies.  She laughed a lot—she even laughed when Bailey (the dog next door) tried talking to the Butterfly Man.  I think she was one of those unique people who preferred dogs to cats.  I could never prove it, but she always seemed find Bailey to be so very funny.

The Butterfly Man did not share his wife’s sense of humour and opinion about dogs.  In fact, he liked cats far better than he liked dogs.  He told me that he thought dogs were “rather smelly and unrefined”.  Bailey, the dog who lived next door to the Butterfly Man, was exactly that—smelly and unrefined!  But Bailey also had an extra special knack for upsetting the Butterfly man.


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