Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Happy Valentines Day TGIF’ers!  Today’s excerpt from Oscar’s (Tail) Tale is about new beginnings, pursuing your destiny, and following your heart!  I hope on this day when people celebrate love, you too find the joy that comes from following your heart!


Chapter 7—Life Seven: Lolly’s Cat

Brown Grandma is so smart and she always knows just what to do!  It turns out that Brown Grandma had a friend who was also a grandma.  This grandma called herself Grandma Brown, and she didn’t even like brown all that much.  Brown was just her name.  Remember I said Brown Grandma really liked the colour brown?  She liked it so much it even showed in her taste in friends.

            Anyhow, Grandma Brown was different from Brown Grandma in many ways.  For starters—there was no Grandpa Brown.  Also unlike Brown Grandma, Grandma Brown lived with her grandchild; she was a little girl named Lolly.  Lolly really wanted a cat.  Grandma Brown didn’t want to get a kitten.  Grandma Brown liked orange cats, and she wanted give her granddaughter—Lolly—a loveable, mature orange cat.  Brown Grandma told Grandma Brown all about me.  I guess Grandma Brown must really enjoy opening and closing doors because she thought I sounded purrfect (show me a cat who doesn’t!)

            So one bright sunny day I started my seventh life.  Grandma Brown came over to Brown Grandma’s and packed me into her big red truck and drove me off and away to my next new life.  Before I left, I said my good-byes.  Grandpa cried a little and thanked me for being such a good pal.  That was the hardest good-bye because I knew I would miss Grandpa the most of all.  He was my most favourite person.  Auntie scratched me behind my ears and told me to be a good boy in my new home.  I gave her a whisker kiss and told her I would be the best orange cat I could be.  She smiled, but her eyes looked really shiny and I could tell saying good-bye to me made her miss Cleo even more.  Next came Mitzie’s good-bye.  I thanked Mitzie for being my best cat friend.  She was so proud to be called a “cat friend” and she licked me all over the face with her slobbery tongue.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that cat friends just don’t do that stuff!

Then, finally, I thanked Monty for being such a good head cat.  He was still pretty sad about losing Cleo, so saying good-bye to him was kind of difficult.  He wished me well and gave me one last piece of advice.  He told me that cats who have the privilege of having people are the luckiest cats in the world.  He reminded me to always be present in their lives as that was the key to living with the honour and dignity befitting a people owner.  I realized that Monty was head cat for good reason.  He was wise, and kind.  At that moment, I also realized that I was about to be head cat in my new home.  It was scary and exciting all at the same time.  As much as I would miss everyone, I knew I was ready for what came next.

The ride to my new home was a bumpy ride filled with all kinds of twists and turns.  Grandma Brown lived across the river from Brown Grandma and Grandpa, and to get to my new home we had to drive across a bridge and down a very bumpy and twisty-turny gravel road. Grandma Brown and I talked all the way home.  Each time I meowed she answered me.  She told me all about her family.  I found out that there was a Grandpa Brown, but like Cleo, he had gotten very ill and passed away.  She told me all about her two kids and how they were all grown up.  One of her kids lived far away in a place called the Rockies and he was a grown up with kids of his own.  She also told me about her daughter—the mommy to Lolly.  She told me that this daughter is in something called the army, and as a result she is living far away from home—so far that no one really knows where she is not even Lolly.  I started to feel sad for my new person, it must be hard to have a mommy living so far away.  Lucky for Lolly she had Grandma Brown to look after her.



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