Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Hello TGIF’ers!

Today’s chapter speaks to change, and moving on.  While Oscar’s Tale is intended to be a children’s story, it still offers anyone–any age–sage and loving observations on humanity.  I dedicate today’s blog to all those who take the courageous step to move forward and away from situations that are not healthy, or no longer bring out the best from within. 


Chapter 4—Life Four: Family Cat

My boys were really happy to see me again, which is more than I can say for Felix, and Dusty!  Dusty was just as slobbery as ever but he was no longer a playful puppy.  He was HUGE and he didn’t remember me at all—stupid dog.  All he did was growl at me and chew on his stupid squeaky toy.  Once or twice he got me confused with his squeaky toy and tried to pick me up in his mouth.  Good thing Mommy never got me de-clawed! 

Felix remembered me well enough, but we didn’t seem to have much in common any more.  I guess we just grew apart.   Felix started to call me names like ‘fat-so’ and ‘butterball’.  I knew I had gained a little weight from eating all those treats I ate while at the shelter, but I kind of thought my extra curves made me a little more jolly looking.  I have to say that Felix was just downright mean about the whole thing though!

 Eventually the teasing and name-calling got to me and I decided to work out regularly and lose some weight.  So, every morning I would sharpen my claws on the rug.  I was up to about 100 strokes for each paw when Mommy caught me and trimmed my claws.  I am a very determined cat though, so I decided to find other ways to trim down.  I found that jumping on the counter 20-30 times a day really brought my heart rate up.  Mommy started to lose her patience with me because whenever she saw me on the counter she would chase me off the counter and down the stairs.  This extra exercise really helped me in my work-out efforts! 

Despite my efforts to lose weight and to get along with Felix, things just weren’t working out.  Felix and I were fighting just about every day, Dusty still tried to add me to his squeaky toy collection, and Mommy and the Bald Man seemed to be very cranky with each other.  This made Mommy more tired, impatient, and sometimes downright cranky. 

What made things worse is that the Bald Man didn’t like me at all. I have to say, the feeling was mutual.  Nobody yells at my boys when I am around!  One day I walked into the room to find the Bald Man yelling and spanking one of my boys.  I got so angry all at once that I just lunged myself at the Bald Man with fangs and claws a-swinging!  The Bald Man shook me off and threw me against the wall.  It hurt so badly I couldn’t breathe for a moment or two.  This made my boy cry even harder than he already was.  I never saw him so scared and upset!  Maybe that is why the Bald Man just stopped the yelling and spanking so suddenly that one time.  I am sad to say there were other times, and it was one of those times when Mommy saw me jump in and protect my boy.  Unfortunately, Mommy took the Bald Man’s side.  He told her, that if I attacked him, there would be nothing stopping me from hurting the boys.  Can you believe that?  I would never in a million years hurt my boys!  Sadly, Mommy believed the Bald Man.  So, to keep the peace, Mommy decided that I would go live out in the country with Brown Grandma and Grandpa. 


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