Something Completely Different Fridays!

Something Completely Different Fridays

Something Completely Different Fridays

Hello TGIF’ers!  I would like to dedicate today’s chapter to all the “No-Kill” animal shelters (and their workers/volunteers) out there.  It is my hope that one day soon, all animal shelters are able to find a way to adopt a “no-kill” policy for all their healthy and adoptable strays..


Chapter 3—Life Three: Lost Cat

Eventually, the sun set and I was scared and hungry.  I had spent many nights outside before, but I was always in my neighborhood and in my yard.  I went to a house that didn’t have any other cats or dogs in the yard and I meowed at the door.  I figured that maybe someone would let me in.  The nice man who answered the door didn’t let me in but he did feed me.  In the morning, he took me to a special place for cats like me.  A friend of his ran this shelter for cats who lost their homes.  It was a really neat place with lots of really kind men and ladies who looked after all the cats who lived there.  They were always trying to find homes for all the cats.  I liked living there.  The ladies who cleaned my litter box and bed always gave me lots of cuddles and lots of kitty treats.  They spoiled me they really did—I even had my very own apartment to sleep in.  They called it a large dog kennel.  It was a great big box complete with my own comfy bunk bed, food dishes, toys and litter box!

As much as I liked this place, I found the nighttimes very lonely and sometimes a little scary.    All the nice people who looked after us went home at night. It was just us cats in there from dusk until dawn.  Sometimes late at night I would listen to the other cats talk about where they were from and what they did before they came to this nice home for stray cats.  These stories were terrifying!  Some cats were beat up by people who were very mean.  Other cats had spent most of their life outside, even in the winter!  They didn’t have a human like Mommy to let them inside.  These cats had ears that were all frost bitten.  Their stories were the kind of stuff nightmares were made of.  I found out that the world out there is filled with snarly people even worse than the Bald Man!

There were some cats who were born outside and didn’t know what it was like to ever live inside with people.  These cats called themselves Feral.  They were a really mean gang of cats who hissed at just about everyone, even other cats.  The people at this place called them wild cats because they weren’t used to humans feeding them or cleaning their litter box. I felt sorry for these guys—even though they were mean.  They had a really rough life, and they were mean because they were so scared.  I think it is hard to be so scared all the time.  I tried to be friends with these guys, but they weren’t interested.  Many times they snarled and yelled at me, and it reminded me of the Bald Man.  This made me more sad than scared because I would think of my boys, and hoped that the Bald Man wasn’t yelling at them too much.

Despite it all, I got to know one of these feral cats because she had an apartment next to mine.  She called herself Hagar.  Hagar was really mean, but unlike the other members of the feral gang, she talked a lot. Hagar told me about two of the ladies who cleaned our cages.  She said they weren’t like the other men and women who cleaned our cages.  Hagar liked these two ladies, but she wasn’t too mushy about it.  She liked the way these ladies respected her space. Hagar liked to talk, but she also, as mean as she was, liked to have people talk to her.  These two ladies seemed to know that because they were able to speak to Hagar. 

Hagar was right about these two ladies, they were different from the other nice people.  One lady called herself Hen, and the other one was called Evy.  They always seemed to do a little more for us cats.  It was Evy who found the tattoo in my ear and figured out that I really belonged to a family.  They called the doctor the Mommy used to take me to and he called her to let her know that I was okay and ready to come home again.

As happy as I was to go home again I have to admit I was a little sad about leaving that shelter.  That shelter was no animal pound.  They really took care of cats and they never put them to sleep when the shelter got too crowded. They also gave me way more kitty treats than Mommy ever did! I met a lot of different cats and people while I was there.  I also learned much during my time there.



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