Sequel Mondays! Bride Elect (Evolution of a Bridezilla)

bridezilla in training

Chapter 2– Birthday Girl/Bride Elect


The rest of my birthday that year was spent talking all things wedding.  We discussed where, when, and even how.  We decided that despite our dream of having some kind of tropical and exotic wedding location, it was more important that our parents, and Grandma were able to attend.  We decided to plan our wedding for the BC interior, complete with a honeymoon in the Kooteneys.  True, my family would have the furthest to travel, but they also, we reasoned, would have the benefit of a hearty advance notice to plan for it.  Also, for reasons still slightly beyond my ken, it is still perceived as more of a hardship for the mountain folk to travel to the prairies, than it was for prairie folk to travel to the mountains. 


Grandma would be there—wrapped in bells if we wanted, but Palucid’s centenarian grandpa would likely graciously decline and await a personal visit from us—after the fact.   We knew that regardless of which way his toes were pointed by that day, he heartily approved of our union, and he would celebrate with us in spirit. Palucid’s parents, his dad specifically, would be able to enjoy the wedding without using up too many holiday days. 


Sure, we were making assumptions—but we were trying to anticipate all the angles.  My parents, long retired, could afford the trip, and were more than fit to travel.  Sure, my mom might suffer separation anxiety from her garden, but they had been known to entrust their garden to trusted friends in times of extreme special occasions.  Both of my siblings, and their kids would have to book time off work, but again, would likely be able to plan at the very least, a long weekend away from home. 


Palucid was mildly surprised by my lack of guilt regarding my family’s travel demands for this event.  What he didn’t realize was when my siblings got married, I was living in another province, and travelled at personal cost to attend not just their weddings, but many of the contingent parties thereof.  Sure, I was a teenager at the time, so my parents were footing the monetary bill; however, the “expense” for me was my schooling.  For both my sister’s and brother’s wedding I had to redouble my studies so that I could either be exempt from exams, or write exams early.  For a geeky, shy little teenager such as I was—this was a good example of “taking great measures” to attend a wedding.  I rest assured my family would be okay with our wedding plans.


When we got back to our B&B that night, we shared our news with the lovely proprietors.  They were dear family friends to Palucid, and they were more than touched to be the first ones to hear our news.  We seized this sweet and touching moment to “pop” yet another question: would we be able to exchange vows in their beautiful backyard?  On paper this whole thing seems shamefully manipulative—but in the moment it was quite spontaneous and sincere.  The truth was, from the very first time I ever laid eyes on this beautiful home and yard, I felt it would make for a truly exquisite venue for a wedding ceremony.  Caught up in the joy, wonder and love of the moment, our beautiful hosts graciously agreed to allow us use of their home. 


We decided then, at least tentatively, on our wedding date.  Palucid wanted early July of the following year, while I was hoping for later July.  After all, I would very likely be working right until the end of June, and I really didn’t fancy leaving the school year early, or rushing out to BC to get married by Canada Day.  We compromised on mid-July—or the second Saturday in July. 


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