Something Completely Different Fridays!



Happy Friday!  Today’s chapter finds Oscar learning the joys of being in his first home.  Additionally, this chapter reminds us to always check our parked cars for best cat safety.  In the summer–check your interior if you’ve left your windows open, and in the winter–give your hood a good ‘thump’ to scare out any kitties who might have curled up along the warm manifold of your car…

Chapter 2—Life Two: Family Kitten

I really liked living with my new family.  I especially loved my Two Little Boys With Red Hair.  I would spend hours with them.  Sometimes we would play together, and many times they would keep playing long after I fell asleep.  Often I would wake up buried in toys.  Sometimes I would wake up with little socks on my feet.  My youngest boy didn’t like wearing socks, so once I fell asleep, he would take off his socks and leave them with me for safe keeping.  When I wasn’t eating or using the litter-box, I was with my boys!

My boys called the Pretty Lady “Mommy” and the Bald Man “Daddy”. At first, the Bald Man reminded me a lot of Santa because he had a round tummy that jiggled just like Santa’s.  I could even walk across it—just like I did with Santa.  Only I have to say—it was a pretty big tummy. I think it was even bigger than Santa’s.  But it was a yummy tummy covered with chip, and cookie crumbs because The Bald Man liked to sit in front of the television and eat his crunchy snacks.   The Bald Man wasn’t jolly like Santa.  When he wasn’t watching TV, he was looking at something everybody called “the computer”.  If my boys laughed too loudly, or if Mommy tried talking to him, he would snarl and sometimes he would even yell.  I never really met another person like The Bald Man before.  His snarling and yelling was a very scary thing.  I did my best to avoid him.

I wasn’t the only cat in my new home.  There was also a silver kitten named Felix.  Felix and I had many things in common.  We both loved to take long naps in warm sunny places, and we both loved to make our boys laugh.  We became fast friends, and like most friends, we also learned from each other.  Felix taught me how to walk along the edge of the bath tub without falling in the water.  I taught Felix how to help Mommy dust all the pretty dishes she kept on the high shelf in the kitchen.  You know, it is a funny thing, but she was just like Mrs. Clause when it came to dusting.  Mommy wanted to dust these things all by herself.  She was very independent.

I also met a big golden puppy named Dusty.  I guess you call Dusty my friend, but we weren’t as chummy as Felix and me.  Dusty was just a little too crazy for my liking. He also drooled a lot, and I hated that!  Sometimes Felix and I would take turns poking at Dusty’s big fluffy tale.  We would hide behind the door and poke him.  The funny thing is he could never figure out who was doing that to him.  Dusty was an okay guy—for a dog.  The Bald Man and Mommy both thought he was smart because he could sit, stay, and fetch.  Big deal!  My buddy Felix was an excellent fetcher—sometimes he would even fetch live mice and birds just especially for Mommy.  She never seemed to appreciate that though, but maybe she was just trying to save Dusty’s feelings because Felix did show him up so often.

My family lived in a city called Winnipeg.  I lived in a house that was on a street filled with children who loved to play outside.  My boys were still too young to play outside alone, but Felix and I were very mature cats.  We didn’t need a fenced pen like that slobbery Dusty.  Mommy was always very happy to let me outside to play.  Sometimes when I didn’t feel like walking all the way around the house I would just have to climb the screen on the front door and Mommy would let me in quick as a wink.   Then I would grab a snack and ask to be let out the back door.  Mommy was really good at opening and closing doors.

There were many adventures to be had outside.  The older children on the street would often stop by to talk to me and to rub my belly.  Sometimes these kids would go inside the house and visit my boys.  I spent much of my time outside exploring things like butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, crickets, and flower beds.  Things weren’t always perfect outside though.  There were stupid, growly, yappy dogs, and noisy, scary trucks. Also, sometimes people would yell at me for exploring their flower beds. I am not entirely sure why they got so upset, but I think it is because they have some confusion as to what flower beds are to be used for.

One day, when I was wandering around outside I found this really neat place to sleep.  It was a perfect spot for a nap.  It was comfy, warm , sunny and well away from noisy trucks and yappy dogs.  I jumped in and fell straight to sleep.  When I woke up and got out from my napping place I noticed that my whole neighborhood changed!  I couldn’t find family anywhere! I walked up and down the street meowing and meowing but I couldn’t see or hear them anywhere.  I was lost! I tell ya that’s the last time I take a nap in a car!


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