Something Completely Different Fridays….

Hi! Welcome TGIF’ers!

I will launch this blog with a piece of writing I started a while ago–like when 3.5 floppies were all the rage.  It is the little story that is growing–hopefully into a children’s chapter book someday.  It was (and continues to be) inspired by the wonderful furry souls who have graced my life and imbued it with that special unconditional love. Again, I invite you to read, comment and share nicely with your friends! 😉


Oscar’s Tail Tale


They say that all that stuff about a cat having nine lives is just a myth, but I don’t think that’s true.  I’m not saying that every cat has nine lives, mind you, but I know for certain that some do.  I know because I am living proof.   My name is Oscar and I am an orange tabby cat.  I come from a long long line of famous and likable orange cats.   My great great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was mascot for this cat food company, and also, one of my cousins inspired this guy, I think his name was Fred, to write a really catchy tune.  Kids all over the world loved this song.  I can’t remember the name of the song, but it was all about my cousin’s amazing sense of direction.  I tell you, my cousin was like a blood-hound. He could always find his way home–no matter what! 

I think cats have nine lives because there is so much to learn that they need more than one lifetime to get it all in.  I might be only part way through my nine lives, but I have learned much in that time.  While I have many tails—I mean tales—to tell, I still have much more to learn.  Life is an amazing journey because of everyone you meet along the way.  My story is just as much about me as it is about those I have met.  They say that a cat holds the secret of the universe in its purr.  I am not sure about that, but I know my purr is my story: it is a song about all I have met and all I know.



Chapter 1—Life One: Christmas Cat

I guess you could say my story started in a Pet Store.   When I was just a little orange ball of fur and claws, my mom and dad sent me off to seek my fortune.  They sent my brothers, sisters, and me in a big truck, to a store filled with all kinds of strange animals.  That’s where I met the Pretty Lady, the Bald Man, and the Little Boys With Red Hair.   It was Christmas time and the Little Boys With Red Hair had just come from telling Santa how badly they and their mom wanted a kitten for Christmas. 

Next thing you know Santa was watching how I made the Pretty Lady and the Little Boys With Red Hair smile and laugh.  So, with a “ho-ho-ho”, he whisked me away to the North Pole.  He told me that I could live with him until Christmas Eve, but once Christmas came he would give me to the Pretty Lady and the Little Boys With Red Hair for Christmas. 

I loved living at the North Pole because there were so many interesting things to see and do.  Sometimes the elves would let me help them wrap all the toys—I love ribbons and sticky tape.  One time the elves almost wrapped me up by mistake—this made jolly Santa awfully stern.  He told the elves not to do that again—no matter how much I helped them wrap presents.  That Santa—he’s jolly, but he runs a tight ship! 

Sometimes I would walk back and forth across Santa’s jolly tummy.  He would always move his belly up and down with a hardy “ho ho ho”—or was it “ow ow ow”??  Hard to say for sure I was pretty little back then.  Mostly, I helped Mrs. Clause dust all those shiny tiny glass things she kept up on the high shelf.  But, I have to say that Mrs. Clause was pretty independent because every time I tried to help her dust she would yell, “Nick!! Nick!!  Tell one of the elves to come and take this little orange cat to the toy shop. RIGHT NOW!!”  She was really a nice lady who loved to laugh.  I know for a fact that she liked to laugh because I saw her laugh and laugh the very night Santa took me to live with the Pretty Lady, the Bald Man, and the Little Boys With Red Hair.


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