Musings From the Rabbit Hole….

This morning I texted, Facebooked, and Skyped–all before lunch.  Last week I tried,  and succeeded at making my first ‘video’ (save for being able to edit the captions) .  I even can chat–or IM people on Skype, Facebook, and MSN.  Over the last few months I have endeavored to both blog and tweet.  I would twerk save for two reasons: I am married, and I am not sure what it is–but I am pretty sure I am too respectable and reserved to do it.  Okay–that might be more than two reasons–no one ever said bloggers have to be good counters.

At a recent reading, I had one of those ‘moments’ when I marvel at how much has changed over such  a short period of time.  It is a marvel mostly because the change was gradual enough to be subtle, and yet significant enough to earn at least a “Hey!”  It all started when  my friend from my writing group accused me of being a “Techie”.  When I was done laughing, I realized she wasn’t joking.  She earnestly perceives me as someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two.  The ironic part is she has an android–iPhone thingy and a “data plan” whatever THAT is…

The truth is, I am still learning, and the only thing I have close to mastering is the whole ‘fake it until you make it’ paradigm.  That’s the thing about ‘rabbit holes’, they really aren’t designed with short-cuts in mind.  So as I rock the whole “Alice” thing, let us ponder just how far I’ve come–here is an excerpt from the culprit–I mean Chapter that prompted this insight, and subsequently, this musing:

Chapter 4

“Well, Mom . . . it’s kind of like catalogue shopping”

Some people might find this hard to believe, but I had a computer for six or seven years before I “got the Internet.” I was in my own home for about a year before I officially went online and started down the rabbit hole of virtual socializing. Prior to using my home PC for online ventures, I was a bit of a serial time thief at work. To be fair, I stayed after hours to be the time thief—but during that time I totally lost my “virtual socializing virginity” with the kind assistance of free email services like Hotmail. Now that I was online at home I was ready to broaden my horizons—a little. I still feared the “chat” and the nefarious no-location chatroom, but I was ready to start looking into how I might use this Internet to my flirting-impaired advantage…


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