Morbidly Humorous Musings

Sometimes my dad cracks me up.  More often than not he isn’t really trying to crack me up–he is just really rockin’ the “adorable dad” paradigm.  Last night, while on speaker phone with his sister he was telling her a story, and he started his story like this: “A couple of months back, I ran into this guy–well I was at his funeral–but anyways…”

Now, I have been told that my head must be a really weird place to be, and I am not inclined to argue. But when I heard my dad say this, my imagination started spinning all kinds of bizarre conversations–all of them a little awkward….

  • “Hey! What are you doing here? …Oh…right…ummm…nice flowers!”
  • “Wow–it’s been ages!  So what’s new?…ohhhh….riiiggght…”
  • “Well! Look what the cat dragged in?!…What? Am I being too loud?”
  • “Hey! Good to see you…so how have you been keeping yourself?”
  • “Long time no see!  You’re looking well…”
  • “Hi!! What a surprise seeing you here!”
  • “Well hello stranger!  Say, have you done something different with your hair?”
  • “Oh my–I almost didn’t recognize you–did you lose weight?”
  • “Wow–we always seem to run into each other at weddings and funerals…”

While my imagination was spinning this strangeness, on the outside I started with, “You bumped into a guy at his funeral?  Who does that?!” This caught my sister’s attention, and as it happens–this strange imagination thing is a bit of a family trait.  She would have come up with some equally good ones if she weren’t laughing so hard.  I could just imagine it:

  • “Well, this is the last place I’d expect to bump into you–how’s it going?”
  • “Have you been here before?”
  • “Come here often?”
  • “Did you find a good parking spot?”

You might be wondering just how a story that starts with, “I bumped into this guy–it was at his funeral” ends, and the truth is I am not sure.  I think it had something to do with buying an old rototiller.  I do recall my dad launching into some kind of story about shiny new blades that nary had a bit of mud on them.  He also mentioned gardening, and something about butter.

I know, sometimes the world outside my head seems far weirder, but who am I to judge? 😉


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