“Well…Welcome to Reality…ha ha ha ha…” (Bowie 2003)

“…Never looked over reality’s shoulder”

Most days I when I wake up, I feel exactly like I did when I was eight–and then I move my body. (ba-dum-ching)  Yes I am kidding, but only a little.  Truth is, I haven’t felt “old” since some of the darker times in my twenties.  Most days I gad about perfectly oblivious to my age.  I act as if I am the same age as all the twenty and thirty somethings.  From time to time a lovely twenty something will observe that I am ‘way cooler’ than his/her mother.  It only took a couple dozen times, but I think I finally learned how not to respond with “How old is your mother?”

Then there are those times when I am forced to realize that all the “kids” in my life are old enough to vote, drink, and even rent a car.  It boggles the mind for me to take in that two decades have passed since I was “their age”.  I swear it was only a few days ago–a week at best.  They roll their eyes and smirk when I offer advise and insight.  They look at me as if I might need help programming my VCR–I mean DVD–I mean PVR….sigh (I don’t even own a PVR–don’t trust them).

When I mention pop icons like KD Lang, or my most favorite: David Bowie, I am suddenly surrounded by people doing confused cocker spaniel impressions. “Kraft Dinner Who?”  “Bowie? Is he that guy who sings that Nirvanna song ‘Man Who Sold the World?’–No wait, he’s the guy who sings that Foo Fighters song from the Shrek soundtrack.”  They wind up truly bewildered,  and I have to calm them down with one of my stories about how I used to drive a dinosaur to school.

I am not sure if it is a matter of “nature” or “nurture”, but I have been blessed by being surrounded by women who effortlessly defied aging.  In all cases, I noticed one common trait: they never really considered themselves as “old”–especially in relation to others.  In fact, in most cases, they would often see others as older–regardless of reality.  My Tante, for example, once told me about how she only went blueberry picking because her friend was determined to go, and she felt that her friend was “too old” to go berry picking–so she and Onkel accompanied this friend.  I found out from my mom that this ‘too old’ friend was, in fact a good five years younger than my Tante–at least chronologically speaking.

So, yeah, just like my most favorite Mr. Bowie, I never looked over Reality’s shoulder.  That is a job for one of those old people over there… 😉


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