Musings of the Feline Parent…

Ever try typing with a near-twenty pound cat draped over your shoulder?  Trust me, it is not as easy or glamorous as it sounds.  However, it is easier (in some ways) than trying to blog with him yowling at me for attention.  Some might accuse me of spoiling, or indulging, our kitty.  Perhaps we do a little bit, however, I feel it behooves us to remember that animals do not have the same forum to express their stress, frustrations, and needs.  Kudos to our cat for knowing way more words in our human languages, than we know in cat language.  More often than not, he knows what we are talking about long before we figure out what he is trying to communicate to us.

Currently, our boy is trying to figure out just who the heck is living in our basement.  First off, there is this human who has a way with animals, and is no where near as fearful of him as he should be.  Secondly, this human brought with him some kind of animal that is neither cat, human, nor dog.  To add insult to mounting injury, this animal does not shirk away in fear either.  What gives? Damn those cocky bearded dragons!

So, of course a feline has cause to be stressed.  And, nothing soothes a feline so much as interrupting his mom while she is busy at something.  Settle for nothing less than an awkward-dead weight hug.  Make her type with one hand (and punish her later for not using both hands to cuddle).  In fact do everything to ensure she stops typing mid-Image


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