When Worlds Collide…

If you heard a “thump” earlier today, that was probably me.¬† Today seems to be the day when my worlds collided, and I have to say: it was kind of cool.¬† It all started much like any other Monday.¬† I woke up, grudgingly, and made my way to work.¬† When I got to work, some of my students were already there.¬† I¬†teased them about being¬†“morning people”, and¬†went up to¬†the photocopier to¬†make a few extra copies of the material I¬†planned to use that morning.¬† At¬†“the front” I noticed¬†‘my book’ just lying there.¬† I was half way through saying “who left my book lying around” when I saw the sign “Congratulations AEC¬†Teacher¬†Linda Guest on the publication of¬†her first book, Survival of the Flirting Impaired“.

How cool was that?!¬†¬† I felt so grateful and blessed, and I would be lying if I said that¬†didn’t put a bit of a spring in my step as I headed back to my¬†classroom.¬† Little did I know that was only the beginning.¬† As my class progressed, I saw my book on a couple of desks: two of my students had¬†purchased my book, and bravely decided to use it for their¬†assigned book study.¬† I was quite proud of them, and all¬†my other students present, because they all seemed to have their books, and they came to class prepared to¬†work.¬†¬†The attendance for an adult learning centre on a Monday morning can be poor–especially if the students know that the class is a¬†“catch up”¬†class. Yet, here were my students present and ready to work.¬† Some students even went so far as to¬†come prepared to do their book presentations–ahead of time.

Before I entertained presentations, however, I walked around the class helping students.¬† As I worked with students I would hear this errant giggle.¬† At first, I just assumed¬†the giggle¬†had sprung forth from some side conversations.¬† But, the giggle continued, off¬†and on, for the next¬†few minutes, and¬†I soon realized it was not as a result of¬†some side conversation.¬†¬†The student giggling kept looking up from the book she was reading (my book), looking at me, and¬†giggling.¬† I tried to smile graciously as I continued working with students.¬† Eventually, the giggler looked up at me and said “I just love your mom–she’s hilarious”.¬†¬†The only response I could muster was a sheepish “Yeah, I love my mom too…”

It was around then, a sweet and gentle student approached me: she wanted to do her presentation.¬† She shyly requested that she do her presentation to me, in a¬†space outside the classroom.¬† Honoring her shyness, I led her to¬†the tiny work room so that she could do her presentation.¬† When we got there she said, “I finished your book over the weekend, and I want to do my presentation…”

Cue the “thump” I mentioned earlier.¬† There I was, a teacher evaluating a student’s analysis of a book…there I was, an author hearing a reader’s review of my first published work.¬† It was all kinds of weird and wonderful.¬† I got to hear about how my book was chalk full of words she needed to look up (incidentally–she¬†acknowledged the benefits this served to her vocabulary), and¬†how, in places, I seemed to gloss over¬†details so quickly¬†that it offered her a little confusion.¬† I also¬†heard (with surprise and joy) that¬†this book (my book) offered her pause to review, evaluate, and reconsider her present relationships.¬† She also said–sincerely and more than once–she hopes I¬†write more¬†books.¬† All biases aside–it was a very good presentation.

Later when checking¬†in with Facebook, I found a post on my page from a former student.¬† He¬†invited me to honour Lou Reed’s passing/memory by watching his shared performance with David Bowie during a 1997 concert¬†celebrating David Bowie’s 50th birthday.¬† I couldn’t help but smirk–yet another example of worlds colliding–wrapped in a musical example of worlds colliding.¬†¬†Still smirking I¬†“tipped my hat” to the universe.¬† It was a¬†message of high and holy proportions:¬† when worlds collide, you evolve, and amazing things happen.

Well played¬†Universe….well played.¬† ūüėČ


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