Battle of the Sexes, and the Evolution Thereof…

Despite our evolution, there are still some distinctive disparities amongst the genders.  One of the issues yet to fully “develop opposable thumbs” is driving styles and habits.  In this excerpt from Survival of the Flirting Impaired, readers get an insight to our initial exploration in this particular area….enjoy!


“…This was our first road trip in his car. During this time he reminded me of Goofy in the Disney
short with that mild-mannered, gentle soul who became crazed and angry behind
the wheel of a vehicle. Palucid was not averse to yelling things like “SLOW
DOWN” and “STOP”—which are somewhat justifiable things to say in certain
circumstances. However, his yelling these things in the middle of the prairies
without provocation was just a little jarring for me. I found out that I was
his first girlfriend to have a driver’s license and car. He was not used to
having anyone drive his vehicle—let alone a girlfriend. Now, I may not be Mario
Andretti, but I am a decent driver who does not require a drill sergeant
yelling from the passenger seat. Driving with Palucid was soon one of the
larger sources of tension in our early relationship. I am a reasonably calm
driver, but when I have a passenger flinching and yelling frequently, my
confidence tends to be undermined a bit. When I get jarred like that, every
little stupid thing I could do in theory rapidly becomes a reality. It was very
frustrating and stressful. I was beginning to get to know his grumpy side. He
was getting to know my freaked-out crying side….”


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