One-Of-A-Kind Treasures, and an Excerpt from Chapter 5–“Dearie, there is a lid for every pot…”

Earlier today, one of the individuals reading my book told me today about a part in my book that made her laugh out loud.   I told her that one of my favorite benefits of publishing Survival of the Flirting Impaired is being able to honour my wonderfully unique grandmother. Often, many of us have people in our lives who are true, one-of-a-kind treasures.  Sadly, too often we neglect to really ‘take in’, or savour, all the joy and wonder these lovely beings add to our lives.  It has been nearly thirty years since I have had the opportunity to be with my grandmother.  At the time of her passing, I had yet to live enough life to understand how finite things can be.  Nevertheless, deep down I did have moments when I realized just how precious my grandma was and really locked into my memory all the wonder that was her.  Lucky for me,  I was a sage, and insightful kid. 

Today’s blog post–and excerpt from Survival of the Flirting Impaired is inspired by two conversations: the first being the one listed above, and the second is a conversation I had with a friend yesterday evening.  She, like me, had a grandma she treasured, and also like me, she had to say “good-bye” too soon.  Today I invite you to enjoy this excerpt, and to take a moment to honour those lovely beings in your life who are the one-of-a-kind treasures. Oh, and I should warn you–my grandma had a raunchy, wonderfully naughty sense of humour–enjoy! 🙂

…My maternal grandma had a certain way with words. Her keen insight into the human condition and her
salt-of-the-earth wisdom could be found imbued in some of the best idioms and
euphemisms I have ever heard. She also had a pretty wicked sense of humour—not
totally consistent with that sweet, kind, sock-knitting granny image she had
going on. When she spoke of “jingle bells,” she wasn’t referring to Christmas
decorations; similarly, any references to “the old cat” had little to do with
an aging feline. She had a way of turning a phrase that not only made you laugh,
it also made you realize you were nowhere near beyond hope One of her best
nuggets of wisdom when it came to explaining life, love, and the pursuit of
happiness was “There is a lid for every pot.” Preface that phrase with a
“dearie,” and you have the mantra/memory I carried in my mind and heart as I
embarked on my adventure in Internet dating. Would you believe that thanks to
Internet dating, I finally found out where all the local thirty-somethings were
hiding? Yes, it seems that they were on the Internet . . .  from a computer in their mother’s basement. I
should amend that. Not all the thirty-somethings lived in their mom’s basement;
in some cases their mothers lived in basementless condos.The website I signed
on to was an embarrassment of riches when it came to thirty-something men. I
definitely felt like honey surrounded by bees—if by “bees” you mean men my
height and shorter….”



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