Thankful Musings…

I slept in sinfully late today, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Circumstances conspired towards it.  My beautiful furry child saw his dad safely off to work and then climbed into bed and snuggled up against me.  His purr is nothing short of enchanting, and it reminds me of all the simple pleasures I am so fortunate to have in an abundance.  Among the embarrassment of riches are loving, and healthy parents–and in-laws; remarkable siblings/siblings-in-law; amazing nieces, and nephews; tremendous friends and colleagues; and a beautiful home, car, and community.  Oh, and did I mention my husband?

My husband is in a category unto himself.  He is kind of like the shiny red bow on top of it all–but more dynamic (and he prefers a matte finish over shiny).  This category that stands alone, and above it all, transcends labelling a little.  The life we are building together is a marvel to me.  This might be why I wrote a couple of books about it (yes two–only one is published so far).  Nine years ago at this time, I thought I had it all–and in many ways I did–but looking back now I realize how it was just a humble beginning.  Sure, I had my own home, car, and career.  My first Thanksgiving in my house came as joyous relief because I finally had a place to hide from the most lethal allergen I combat: Turkey.  My family could happily indulge their sociopathic poultry habits without fear of killing me inadvertently.  I could enjoy grilled cheese, wine, and David Bowie videos without dying.  Truly, it had all the trappings of a win-win situation.

Curled up against my furry kid this morning I realized that I didn’t adopt him until after Thanksgiving that year, so I that means I spent my first Thanksgiving in my home very single, and very alone. Sure, I had David Bowie–at least in video form–but I have been told by people with Psychology degrees that that doesn’t really “count”. 

Nine years later and I stand in awe as I realize my life went from “full” to “full, and over flowing” with awesome.  I love my ordinary day-to-day life.  Being an adult educator is so tremendously fulfilling that I have spent much of my “grown up life” working evenings just so I can do this work.  Now, as my first book eeks its way onto the market, and I am standing on the cusp of fulfilling a lifelong dream, I know I wouldn’t be able to have one foot in each world if it weren’t for this wonderful life of mine.  My husband has nudged and nagged me into this crazy new world where I seem poised to have my cake and eat it too: he loves me THAT much. 

As awesome as things are, they didn’t just happen.  There was a fair bit of fearlessness, and work that carried me along on this journey.  And if I may be so bold to paraphrase the poet Robert Frost, I have miles to yet to go.  The keys to fortifying me on this journey, though, is gratitude and awareness.  They go hand in hand after all.  As long as I am grateful, and I know it, I can remain open to the many blessings and opportunities that befall me. Moreover, in those times when my awareness gets a little foggy, I need only tune to our furry kid’s purr, or look into the eyes of that brave soul who married me and remember.


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